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Lanphier Paranormal Club Goals

LPC goals are to give students the opportunity to express their insight, experiences, and beliefs in things paranormal (beyond the range of normal experience or current scientific explanation) and to expand their knowledge through a variety of learning activities.

The objectives of the club include the following:

A) Allow students a forum to freely discuss their experiences and possible explanations for these experiences.

B) Give students the opportunity to read and research paranormal events and places.

C) Teach interested students investigative techniques used by experienced investigators.

D) Allow students to develop hands-on experience with some of the technology preferred by investigators using the scientific approach.

E) Give students the opportunity to visit first hand, locations thought to have paranormal activity, (a small cost may be involved)

F) Give students the opportunity to meet and interact with other paranormal investigators and authors of paranormal literature.

G) Teach students social skills and team work.

This is a club for students truly interested in the paranormal and who are willing to use this as an educational experience. Students who are not serious and do not wish to use this as a learning experience will not be allowed to participate.

Sponsor: Dave Roberts