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We Want More!

We love ghost stories and paranormal moments! If you have one you'd like to submit, write it down and give it to Mr.Roberts or one of the club officers. If we think it's real you may see it right here!

download A Haunting in Havana

Clarissa H.'s story is about her old house and the mysterious figures who shared it with her.

download Crackers and Doors

Kanishia G.'s had a creepy, unexpected night!

download The Devil's Cards

Kanishia G.'s other story isn't any less paranormal than the last!

download I Think We Have Guests

Jalisa Y.'s story is about a personal experience that touched more then just herself!

download My House is Haunted!

When Ariel R. moved to her new home, not all the previous residents may have left.

download My Night at the Hickox House

Morgan G. had quite the evening during a club investigation at the Hickox House!

download My Grandpa Loved Butterfingers

Alexus H.'s story is about her grandfather, and it goes to show that just because they are gone it does not mean that they left.

download The Shadowy Figure of Hickox House

Madison S.'s chilling story is about a location close to us all, the Hickox House!

download The Spirits of Buffalo

Beverley J.'s story is about an old house and a mysterious event!

download Terror in My Bedroom

Kim H.'s story is about one event that took place in her very own room!

download Tragedy in Arlington, Kansas

Chansy R.'s story proves that Illinois isn't the only haunted state around!

download Was that you, Grandma?

An incident made Morgan G. wonder if her Grandma had paid her a visit!