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September 24, 2012

October 18, 2012

When the students investigate locations we have them read about the location before attending. The students work in teams and write reports after the investigation. They are expected to do their own evidence review which includes listening to their audio recordings and scouring their pictures. We will post the reports of their experience but I am not confirming or denying the experiences they claim to have happened. I am very skeptical on most accounts and expect the students to look for logical explanations first. I however will not totally dismiss what they say either! Names mentioned on the reports of spirits cannot be confirmed of course. As a member of Capital Area Paranormal Society I have logged hundreds of hours at the Virgil Hickox House and we have compiled a list of names that have come up during investigations. The students like to take these names and assume that is the spirits they may be dealing with. Again I use the word "may"! All the equipment we provide are used by paranormal groups everywhere including the EMF detectors, digital recorders and cameras, spirit boxes, dowsing rods, motion detectors etc. Under no circumstances ever would we allow the use of anything like a Ouijia Board, seances, ceremonies etc.! The point of investigations is to learn teamwork, investigation techniques, history, writing, and evidence review.
We had a smaller group come in, but we still had a fun night!

Date: September 24, 2012
Location: Hickox House
Time: 6:00pm-9pm
Investigation Label: Club
-After Investigation-
Group: Katlyn C.
Rooms: Parlor
Equipment: None
Report: I had a slight headache, and felt dizzy while in the parlor. I felt like my neck was touched. I also saw a grey Mist.
Evidence: N/A
Group: Madison, Cassie, Breigh
Rooms: All
Equipment: Rods
Report: We all saw a hand in the library.
Group: Bella, Elle, Kevin, Ashley
Rooms: Parlor, Under stairs, Thomas's Room, and the Padded Room.
Equipment: Rods, K2 meter, flashlights, cameras
Parlor- During our tea party the spoon began to shake
Under Stairs- We asked some questions and used the rods
Thomas's Room- We asked some questions and used the rods