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October Reports

October 25, 2012

Due to the fact there was only 2 investigations for the month of October, we have decided to combine both dates into a single article. So, Teck Support shall create a combination of everyone's reports. If you feel anything was left out please go to 'Your Voice' and tell us what we missed!

Location: Hickox House
Time: 6:30pm-9pm

October 15th
The group started out strong. Upon arrival, everyone went right to investigating. We started out with 4 individual groups. The groups went along investigating with rods, and recorders. We did not use the spirit box on this investigation. Many groups were happy as they got much activity from the rods. One group who were in the parlor however were not completely on task, and were later corrected. Toward the end of the investigation the groups combined into a single group. Overall the investigation was a good one, no EVPs were recovered (but we are still recovering evidence) but everyone had a fun time.

October 22nd
The group was smaller then the 15th. We were not accompanied by Trish due to circumstances beyond anyone's controle. We did not just dive right in, instead we started with a short spirit box session. During the session, several of the club members heard a thump from another room. (As seen in the photo gallary!) From there they created 3 groups, all of which contained no more then 5 people. A few groups got stronger reactions then others. One group was moved to tears for no reason. The night proceeded smoothly. Apart from a few loud students, everyone was quiet and on task. Some students were asked to leave early, but the students who remained finished with good reports. We are still reviewing evidence.