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Motivational Speaker

September 16, 2010

On Thursday, September 9th, Cameron Hawthorne provided a motivational presentation for the students. Cameron is a former Missouri State University football player who graduated with a degree in hospitality and is a certified chef. Currently Cameron is a manager at Longhorn. He enjoys his work as he is able to help others have a good day through the restaurant industry.

During Cameron’s high school years, he stayed very active in athletics and student council. He wanted to keep busy and stay out of trouble. Lots of his friends were not staying out of trouble. Cameron saw one of his friends on the news fleeing the police after a shoot out. Cameron had to distance himself and separate from his friends. He told his friends, “I can’t be around you; it is not good for me.” This mindset to better himself paid off. Cameron went to college on an academic and sports scholarship.

Cameron reminded the students to think about their options. There are always options. He told the students to be strong enough to remove themselves from a situation. Stay focused on where you are going.