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LEC's Fifteen Minutes of Fame

May 2, 2011

LEC students are presently participating in a monthly incentive program entitled Fifteen Minutes of Fame. Those who receive this well-deserved recognition are selected according to the following criteria:

• They have advanced their TABE score levels;
• They have completed work in the GED, ESL, High School credit, or Business programs;
• They have shown a positive attitude, demonstrated good study/work skills, and displayed respect toward fellow students, staff, and self.

This year, LEC will provide various incentive rewards for the students who achieve this recognition.

April 2011 recipients were:

Rashad White
Brett Nance
Jasmine Means
Angela Bredemeyer
Carlos Ramero
Brett Knudson
Gabe Ambler
Elaina White

To view the images of the Fifteen Minutes of Fame award recipients, please visit the Photo Gallery at 2010-2011 Fifteen Minutes of Fame