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Field Trip to the Illinois State Museum

April 26, 2010

On April 22nd students from Lawrence Education Center boarded the bus for a field trip to the Illinois State Museum. The museum if filled with learning opportunities in biology, zoology, botany geology, cultural and artistic heritage of Illinois. Upon entering the museum the students were immediately drawn to the display of a mammoth vetebra bone. This bone was found on a gravel bar of the Embarras River on July 4th, 2009 by a 12 year old. The bone is believed to be from one of the largest mammoths found in Illinois.

The exhibit “Changes: Dynamic Illinois Environments” provides a visit to Illinois past. The display contains fossils and life size dioramas of species that once lived in Illinois. Another favorite exhibit is “Peoples of the Past”. This is a life size diorama and display of artifacts of Native American heritage.

Every student was able to find something of interest at the museum. The field trip was a great opportunity and fun educational event.