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March 25, 2010

Cathy Mosley presented a “Storytelling” Workshop on March 24th. Cathy has a degree in creative writing. She has found storytelling to strengthen her writing ability. She learned her first storytelling lessons in a workshop presented by Dan Keding. From this point Cathy’s storytelling skills were practiced with presentations to her friends. Currently she has been storytelling for over 20 years.

Storytelling skills are useful in business presentations, volunteer activities, and anytime verbal communication is used. Scientific studies have revealed storytelling for both the presenter and the audience builds new brain pathways. During storytelling the brain is creating images of the story, and learning to be flexible and adapt to the story line.

The techniques and tools of storytelling were discussed. Storytelling is not memorizing word for word. It is remembering the points of the story. Remembering the points can be done several ways; through a storyboard (documentation with pictures), making note cards, or recording your speech. From these points the story can be told.

The storyteller needs to be comfortable with the story. The story should be of interest to them and also there should be a trust that the story will mean something to the audience.

Several tips for preparing to speak were offered:
• Warm your voice up
• Shake your arms and roll your shoulders
• Have room temperature water available to drink
• Do not drink sugar or dairy products as this can weaken the throat with phlegm
• Practice your stance – no rocking allowed
• Use your hands and facial expressions to enhance the presentation
• Practice in front of a mirror

Cathy shared two stories, “The Man Who Sought Truth” and “The Man Who Had No Story.” The students enjoyed these stories.