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Planning Your Educational Future

March 11, 2010

Jason Brown, Allied Health Recruiter for Midwest Technical Institute presented a workshop on March 3rd. The world is constantly changing. The only steady thing is there will be change. Jobs in the future will not be the same. An example is cashiers. Cashiers may be gone and all self-checkouts will be utilized. Fighter pilots maybe gone and planes will be controlled by remotes. There is one industry that we know will be here in the future. At sometime or another all of us will require medical care in the future.

Currently the average job length is 2.1 years. Most of those entering the workforce today will have 20 different jobs in their working career. Workers age 40 will have ten different jobs.

It is important when choosing your career to think about what you enjoy doing. What are your passions in life? What areas are you skilled in? Don’t choose an occupation based on just making money. Review your interests, skills, what you are good at and build from this point.

It is important to gain additional skills past your high school education. Those who have extended their education have a higher earning potential and less unemployment. Midwest Technical Institute provides technical and educational programs including: Journeyman Welder, Heating and Air Technician, Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Dental Assistant, Basic Nursing Assistant, Professional Medical Coder, and Massage Therapist.