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Future Forward (CTE) program

February 7, 2012

Because Lawrence Education Center's teachers participated in Digital Learning Day, they now have free access to Future Forward (CTE) program during the month of February.

Teachers and students are encouraged to use this website as much as possible, since it will not be available after February 29.

For the username and password, see Michele Romence.

About the CTE Reading Program

This online curriculum program is designed as a “grab and go” reading solution for you, as a career and tech educator, especially if you don’t know much about teaching reading but still want to enhance your students’ literacy skills while also teaching the content you’re passionate about. The lessons work within any career cluster and the assessments and reprint articles are specifically categorized by career cluster, for real-world support of your course content.

The program has four easy steps.

Choose a text for your students to read, whether from USA TODAY, the course textbook, the article library or the RSS feed.
Select one of 10 graphic-organizer based lesson. Lessons are designed to guide students’ comprehension and thinking based on the type of text they are reading, whether informative, persuasive or charts.
Re-use the lesson with new content to reinforce the reading strategy while teaching new content.
Assess your students’ reading skill level by occasionally administering a mini-assessment. There are 5 mini-assessments specific to each career cluster.