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Native American Art - Broken Walls

December 3, 2009

Image used with permission from Broken Walls, 234 Bayshore Road, Tyendinaga Territory, ON, K0K 1X0 CANADA


Image taken by Lawrence Education Center. 11/20/09

Lawrence Education Center hosted the first workshop in the "Native American Art" series, which was made possible by a grant from the Springfield Public Schools Foundation. It was an all-school assembly presented by ”Broken Walls”. "Broken Walls" is the First Nation band based in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in South Eastern Ontario. The band focuses on the sounds of the indigenous peoples of North America and adds a contemporary sound as well. They also share cultural /diversity information during their presentation. Their message is one of positive peer pressure, a life of purpose, cultural diversity and prevention of youth suicide and substance abuse. Prior to the assembly, a display table of Native American jewelry, artwork, pottery, baskets, turtle purses, and featherwork was available for the students to view and discuss. This assembly accommodated approximately two hundred students.