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The Art of Learning by Doing! - American Sign Language Alphabet

March 25, 2009

A workshop was held on February 16th with instructor Deb Bruner, a certified American Sign Language Teacher. Deb Bruner taught the students American Sign Language and discussed career opportunities available. In addition to the instructor, Sorensen Video Relay Company provided a viewing of the "Video Relay Service for Deaf and Hard of Hearing." This video demonstrated the communication system available for hearing impaired to utilize the telephone. This workshop was sponsored by the Springfield Public Schools Foundation.

The students were very attentive to the sign language lesson and quickly learned to read the sign language the instructor communicated to them. The next step was signing to each other and demonstrating correct hand positions for communication. The students learned the manual alphabet and basic signing. Several examples learned are "my name is", "please", " sorry", and "thank you."

Each student received a copy of the American Sign Language Alphabet Guide and by using the guide and working with the instructor they became proficient in signing the initials of their name. A photograph of each student's signed alphabet character will be mounted on poster board.