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Making the Most of Your Employment Opportunities

February 4, 2009

A workshop was held on February 4th, with Jim Dahlquist, Senior Manager of Training and Recruitment for Illinois Office of the Auditor General. Jim Dahlquist presented life stories of his employment from a bus boy, waiter, Greyhound Ticket Sales, on through to his present position. He told of the importance of networking on each level of his employment history.

Jim provided some tips for being successful in the workplace:
1. Learn all your co-workers names.
2. Be social - meet with co-workers after work if everyone going out for pizza.
3. Be friendly - hold cordial conversations.
4. Get along with everyone.
5. Do not gossip.
6. Be coach able - don't take offense be glad to learn a better way.
7. Ask smart questions - show you took initiative to figure out the answers.
8. Keep yourself busy - do what needs to be done.
9. Show initiative - get to work early, volunteer for a project.
10. Enjoy your job - people will notice it.

Above all keep going and moving forward, regardless of what obstacles get in your way.