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Lawrence Education Center observes Business Education Day

February 4, 2009

Leigh Reed, a LEC School of Business instructor, invited Bud and Marty Chapman, owners of Party Creations, to provide a workshop during Business and Education Day at Lawrence Education Center.

On Tuesday, February 3rd, Bud and Marty Chapman, owners of Party Creations provided a workshop for the students. The workshop focused on starting your own business and reasons to go into business for yourself.

Bud and Marty shared their mission statement - "Our Mission is to have a successful company, be a leader in customer service, and have a loyal customer following."
A mission statement is important in setting the direction and commitment for your business.

Discussion was held regarding working for your self. It is about building your own dream. Putting your plan into action. Serving your community and networking with others. It takes a certain personality to go into business for yourself. Characteristics needed are a hard worker and when the going is tough you have to find it in yourself to work harder. You have to keep twisting and turning. It's the spirit of independence

$100,000 candy bars were passed out to the students. Showing students have the opportunity to earn $100,000 through their own business, by working hard, and providing a good product or service.