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Prepare for Success in the Work World

October 27, 2008

The presentation was given by Allan Woodson, Ed.D., Director of Workforce Development on October 15th at Lawrence Education Center. The presentation covered the importance of building a strong foundation as your base. The next step is to focus on the task at hand. Steps of how to get in the game were presented. It is important to research what career choices are available. Job Shadowing will provide good insight into the actual duties of a particular career. Students were told the importance of keeping their record clean. A clean record in credit history, legal matters, and drug use is very important. Discussion was held regarding how to prepare for an interview. Preparation includes appropriate appearance, research regarding the position and company the interview is with, and interaction during the interview.

Once a job is obtained, the next step is to stay in the game. Maintaining a positive attitude on the job, following the dress code, and being on time can be a huge step in securing your place in the work world. The job field in the Springfield area is wide open for those seeking healthcare positions. The construction trades are another good option.