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Lawrence Achievement Recognition Ceremony

May 21, 2008

Recognition ceremonies were held for the students at Lawrence Education Center. The evening ceremony was held on April 30th and the day ceremony was held on May 9th.

The ceremony started off with introduction of David Lisnek. David wears many hats in our community. He is a financial planner, professional speaker, author and free lance writer. David shared his insight and wisdom during his presentation titled, "The Change in Your Life."

The presentation was started off with an enthusiastic crowd pleasing game of rock, paper, scissors. This game was enjoyed by all and the winner received a prize.

The Change in Your Life presentation explained three different changes. The first change is "attitude". The second change is "goals" and the next change is "Expectations." By putting these three changes together a sweet spot is created. In this sweet spot is where an individual can find their direction, purpose, and most successful goals.

The presentation ended with audience participation. David interacted with audience members through an open discussion of their individual thoughts and goals.