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Ethics, Confidentiality, and HIPAA Penalty

April 28, 2008

On April 16th, a workshop was presented by Linda Meadows, Director of Records and Privacy Officer, at the Springfield Clinic. The workshops focused on various areas of confidentiality, ethics and federal law. Students learned confidentiality of information must be maintained. Confidential information is stored in computers, laptops, paper format, email, fax and verbal messages. Protecting confidential information in different formats was discussed.

A federal law called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was made effective in 1996. This law standardized electronic insurance transactions and established privacy and security rules for handling patient health and billing information. There are criminal and civil penalties for non compliance with this law.

Discussion was held regarding ethics. Ethics was defined. Sample scenario's were discussed to determine what the ethical person would do in each situation. Ethics is a trait, which companies value in an employee.