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Developing a Professional Presence

March 13, 2008

Lawrence Education Center held a workshop on March 12th, presented by Shaunda Durham, Credit Union Specialist from Sangamon Schools Credit Union.

Shaunda Durham presented behavioral skills to help develop a professional presence:

-Solid Eye Communication...look sincerely and steadily at another person, appropriate eye contact to show involvement in the conversation is 5 - 10 seconds and then look away.
-Good Posture...stand tall and move naturally and easily, posture that is straight and upright emits confidence.
-Natural Gestures...relaxed and natural when speaking, no nail biting, twisting of hair or jewelry, tapping fingers or a pen.
-Appropriate Dress and Appearance...dress, groom and appear appropriate for the environment you are in, wear appropriate makeup, undergarments should not be showing through clothes, good business colors to wear are black and navy.
-Voice and Vocal Variety...use your voice as a rich, resonant instrument, voice transmits energy and emotion.
-Effective use of Language and Pauses....use appropriate and clear language with planned pauses and no non-words, do not use slang.