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Life After ....High School.

February 25, 2008

A workshop was presented by Jeff Pankey, Admission Representative from Lincoln College of Technology. Jeff presented information on choices to make after completing high school. Choices include continuing on with more education, obtaining a job, or going into a military career. If the choice is to get a job, a discussion was held. Leaving high school and getting a job is considered to be in the unskilled labor pool with an average salary of $8.50/hour. A detailed budget living on the $8.50/hour wage was discussed and investigated by the students. Choices to continue education and therefore increase earning potential were discussed. Explanation on how to obtain funding for continuing education was presented. Money is available for education through the federal government, state, grants, loans, and scholarships. Also, Jeff presented information on the programs available at Lincoln College of Technology which included Automotive and Electronic System Technician.