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The Nutritional Role In: Personal Health, Career Options, and Service Industry

January 30, 2008

A workshop was held on January 24th at Lawrence Education Center regarding Nutrition. The workshop was presented by Kim Bourne, Director of Foods and Nutrition at Memorial Medical Center.

The workshop covered three areas related to nutrition. The first area covered was the nutritional role in personal Health. Kim Bourne presented information regarding good nutrition. Eating good food makes a person feel good. Junk food and skipping meals causes low energy and problems fighting off illness. It is important to eat vegetables, fruit, grains, dairy, protein. There are long term consequenses to drinking too much soda and not enough milk.

Career options in the nutritional industy were covered. There are many food service jobs available. An example that was presented is a career as a chef. This career option allows the chef to prepare food that people appreciate and feel good about eating. Providing good food is a powerful positive experience for both the preparer and the recipient. A chef has the opportunity to own their own business. There are positions in Food and Nutrition Department at Memorial Medical Center. Interested applicants can apply on line or in person at the hospital. Also presented were traits that make an employee valuable. It is important to be on time and have good attendance.

Memorial Medical Center provides a wonderful nutritional meal plan for patients. Patients are able to choose their own meals from a menu. The meal is prepared to order at the patients request. This plan works great, as patients are able to have foods that appeal to them when not feeling their best.