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Job Corps Informational Session

January 16, 2008

By Janet Ulm

A presentation regarding Job Corps was held at Lawrence Education Center on January 16th. Ms. Baltimore, Admissions Counselor spoke to Lawrence students. The Job Corps is the largest education and vocational training organization in the United States. Their goal is to have each student earn a GED or High School Diploma and receive training in a career area of their choice. At the end of the Job Corps training each student will either obtain employment, continue higher education, or join the military. Job Corps students live in dormitory style living on a campus. The average Job Corps benefits spend on each student is $26,000. This covers health, dental and eye care, on-campus living, education, career traing, and spending money. There are three phases of the program, first is learning Basic Employability Skills, Career Development, and Career Transition. The session provided valuable information reguarding a great way for students to gain education and career skills at no cost.