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Lawrence Education Center Receives $3,250 Grant from Lowe's

January 14, 2008

Lowe's Donates Money For The Tutoring Center

Lawrence Education Center has received a $3,250 Lowe's Toolbox for Education grant for The Tutoring Center, which will give students a comfortable area with an abundance of school-related workbooks and reading materials thus allowing peer-tutors to assist with reading and comprehension improvement and give support for educational success.

The mission of the project, The Tutoring Center, is to give students a comfortable, well-equipped area to meet with a peer-tutor in order to improve their reading and comprehension skills, thus allowing further success in their educational endeavors. Currently there are no areas in our school that give students access to workbooks, books, worksheets, and other materials necessary for peer-tutoring purposes. By giving students an area which houses the materials that they need for peer-tutoring, students will be able to develop their reading and comprehension levels, thus improving their success level in school. The tutors necessary to offer tutoring services at The Tutoring Center will be peer-tutors, students who are more advanced than others in a specific subject level. Studies show that the peer-tutoring concept is one that is well accepted by those students who need additional assistance. A continuous effort to improve reading and comprehension with Lawrence Education Center's students will continue for years to come, and the addition of The Tutoring Center will enable students to give and receive the services necessary for educational improvement and success. The project is scheduled to be completed in the Spring 2008.

"Our school and community will greatly benefit from this grant. We wish to thank our friends at Lowe's for generously supporting this important project," said Principal Kathi Lee.