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Lawrence Achievement Recognition Ceremony

January 7, 2008

A recognition ceremony was held for the students and included a motivational speaker, cookies and hot chocolate.

The ceremony started off with introduction of Kevin Lust, motivational speaker who owns his own company, Lust Development Group. Kevin has delivered his message across 17 countries and 4 continents. He spoke to the students about "Integrity - means doing your best when no one is looking." His speech included three lessons.

The first lesson is to measure your success level by results. He demonstrated the importance of scores. He was a shot put athlete and he demonstrated the difference between winning the top positions and not placing was only 1.5 inches.

His second lesion was practice predicts your performance. If he would have practiced more during the week, he would have been more successful at weekend field events. The difference in the winner spots of 1.5 inches could have been reached.

The third lesson is to make your impact. It is important to realize the choices made will impact in a positive or negative way. Kevin demonstrated the coal furnace tool his grandfather had made as a blacksmith. The tool was perfectly constructed with a round handle. The tool was made for use by three family members, only. Yet, the grandfather fashioned this tool to perfection. Now the tool is making an impact to others. This tool, years later is seen by many more people than the grandfather ever could have imagined through the message Kevin delivers in his presentation.

The ceremony ended with presentation of achievement certificates. Each teacher presented certificates to qualifying students.