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Voter Outreach Program Learn & Register

November 14, 2007

A workshop was presented by Brad Carlson, Voter Outreach Coordinator from the Sangamon County Clerks Office. Brad presented information regarding the history of the punch card from the 2000 election. This election was the basis for Congress to act in 2002 to reguire the use of punch cards to be discontinued by 2006. Federal govenment made funds available for new voting equipment. Sangamon county chose voting machines made up of a laptop computer with a printer attached each costing $2,800. The machine instructs the voter to use the stylist to mark voting choice and to insert the ballot into the printer. Also, all vote choices can be reviewed and changes made prior to submitting the ballot. Students were able to use the voting machine. One student commented after successfully using the voting machine, "Awesome! Now I will vote this year!". Students were also given the opportunity to provide proper documentation and register to vote. Students are now better prepared to participate in the February 5th election!