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Lawrence Education Center Receives New Books!

February 20, 2014

Through a generous donation by the Springfield Public Schools Foundation, Lawrence Education Center received a bunch of new books. In October 2013, the SPSF held a book fair at Barnes and Noble in order to raise funds and donate books to the libraries in District 186. The students had a great time giving their suggestions for titles to be purchased with the funds that were raised. And now that the Lawrence Memorial Library has received them, the students can't wait to check out the new titles!

We are so thankful to have the continued support of the SPSF!

Feel free to comment below to show how appreciative you are for the new books.


Thank you Springfield Public Schools Foundation for the generous donation of books! This makes our students very happy!

 Janet Ulm   Thu, February 20, 2014

I am so happy to have the opportunity to read these books - thank you very much!

 Linda Hayes   Thu, February 20, 2014

Thanks for the new books, can't wait to read one!

 Mersadies Pope   Fri, February 21, 2014