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Life Choices

February 4, 2010

On February 3rd Sergeant Quaid, U.S. Army presented a workshop regarding “Life Choices.” The workshop covered the choices students have after graduation.
Students can choose to work, obtain additional education, or military. Every student is able to attend college or technical school, but it takes planning and figuring out what is needed to obtain this goal and determining what kind of help is needed to get there. Remember there is a cause and effect by the decisions made that will affect your life.
Life is an adventure no matter what you choose!

Each student should set their goal for the future and then plan for it. Planning includes:
• What do you want to accomplish?
• When do you want to start and finish?
• What will you need to accomplish your goal?
• What kind of help will you need to accomplish your goal?

Part of planning also includes the student’s expectations for utilizing money?
• What would you do with it?
• How do you plan to get your money?

If additional education is the goal then these questions should be answered:
• What school will you attend?
• How will you pay for it?
• What is your major?
• Choose your major early to allow for completion of needed pre-requisites.
• Know the curriculum – Does it fit your needs?

Service to your country in not only accomplished through the Armed Forces. Serving your country can be accomplished by a career in law enforcement, firefighter, politician, or a doctor. The military is not for everyone.