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Native American Art - Painting with the Principal

January 4, 2010

a SPSF grant opportunity
Lawrence Education Center hosted the second workshop in the "Native American Art" series, which was made possible by a grant from the Springfield Public Schools Foundation.

The second workshop, entitled “Painting on Rocks,” was facilitated by the Lawrence Education Center principal, Ms. Kathi Lee. This workshop explored the Native American art of painting on rock walls.

The Native American Indians, who preserved their history through pictures painted on rock walls, documented history, war and hunting experiences and visions. The book titled, “The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush,” by Tomie dePaola was included in the workshop. The story is about a young Indian who learns to paint instead of becoming a traditional warrior.

During the workshop rock painting was used to demonstrate the basic art techniques of developing design and applying conceptual design onto stone surfaces. Ms. Lee demonstrated the skills to the students who, in turn, practiced painting on paper and then completed the final project of painting on the stone. Each student was provided with a one half pound round flat stone to paint and take home. The workshop accommodated the entire student body.

Click below to view the images from the event: