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November 24, 2008

Dr. Matt Link presented a workshop on November 19th. The presentation identified the differences between physical, emotional, and chemical stress. Physical stress is that which is caused by sports injury or a car accident. Emotional stress can be worry about finances or the loss of a loved one. Medications or preservatives can result in chemical stress. Stress can display itself in forms of headache, stomach problems, backache, etc. Stress can cause over eating, sleeping too much or too little, and avoiding people. We can not prevent stress in life but we can learn to deal with it.

Some ideas on ways to reduce stress are to eat more fruits and vegetables, limit caffeine, regular exercise, take vitamins, avoid processed foods and foods high in sugar content.
Proper posture, stretches, exercise, nutrients, and water will reduce stress on the body.

Dr. Link utilizes a technology designed by NASA the "Proadjuster". Which aids in the detection and treatment of spinal problems. He can treat your concerned areas with precision while sitting in a comfortable chair.