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Finance and Economics Workshops

October 9, 2008

A series of workshops regarding "Finance and Economics" are being held during October and November at Lawrence Education Center. The series covers basic banking, budgeting, investment, and ID theft. New to the workshop series is special instruction on learning to make change. At the start of each workshop students are instructed on a method to utilize to make change from a purchase. The students are not allowed to use calculators and all adding or subtracting must be done in their head. The goal is at the completion of the workshops students will be proficient in making change calculations accurately in their head.

Rob Mehan, Investor Education Specialist, Illinois Securities Department is presenting the workshops. He creates a fun and interesting learning atmosphere.

Workshop dates:
October 8 - Banks and Bank Services
October 16 - Credit and Credit Cards
October 21 - Financial Planning/Budget
October 29 - The Stock Market and Investing
November 5 - Financial Fraud/ID Theft

All workshops are held during 5th Hour (1:18 - 2:08) in Room 115.