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Arts At Lawrence, "I Can!"

December 10, 2007

A drawing workshop was held on Wednesday, December 5th at Lawrence Education Center. The workshop was made possible through a generous grant received from the Springfield Public Schools Foundation.

John T. Crisp, Jr. instructed the class in drawing. The first portion of the lesson was learning how to sketch a portrait. John Crisp gave directions how to draw eyes, nose, and mouth in proportion on the face. During the second half of the class landscape sketching was learned. John Crisp instructed the students on methods to draw buildings, trees, background, and fill the paper with sketches to create the scene.

During the class, John Crisp explained to the students the importance of having a career. His career focus is in art and particularly black history. A series of greeting cards that he has designed provide a steady income for him. He discussed with the students the importance of seeking proper training and learning to build skills to use in a career. Also, he suggested taking up the pencil and paper and drawing instead of a video game.

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