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National Adult Education & Family Literacy Week

September 4, 2013

The National Adult Education & Family Literacy Week is dedicated by Congress for the purposes of raising public awareness of adult education and family literacy, assisting adult learners in need of literacy services, leveraging local resources, and supporting increased access to adult education and family literacy programs.


When asked the question, "Lawrence Education Center is important to me because..."
students gave the following responses:

I have a great teacher, and Lawrence has a great program to get your GED!

It's helping me to get my GED, and also teaching me at the same time!

It's FREE! (and the GED program is helping me a lot!)

The GED program is easy and not overwhelming.

It has given me a form of alternative education that best fits me.

It helps me to stay focused.

It is free and very helpful. You will learn here!! The teachers are very helpful and keep working with you until you get it.

I have the best teacher! She encourages me and never gives up on me.

Getting my GED is the start of a new chapter in my life, also to great new employment opportunities.

I can graduate quicker!

It will show me that I can make it in life without giving up on myself. Also, it will help in the workforce and my future.

I need to graduate and go to college.

I can graduate early.

I need a high school diploma, and I need it now.

I need to graduate: I'm 18, it's easy, and faster to graduate.

I need to graduate and get my diploma.

I was [messing] my life up continuously and this is the last stop on the road of life to make it right. The atmosphere is way more mature than regular high school.

Getting an education is key for a successful life.

It gives me a chance to better my life with a diploma.

[The teachers] are doing their best to help me get my education and graduate on time with my high school classes.

[The teachers] give time to work at your own pace. [There are] a great deal of teachers and staff who are around to get involved and are willing to offer help.

I need to get my high school diploma, and school is the best place to be!

It's a learning center, and they help you get your GED or high school diploma at your own pace. [The teachers] help you understand in a way that you can achieve at.

Lawrence Education Center is important to me because the teachers are helping me study for my GED, also getting me ready for the GED test. There are also other things helping me here at Lawrence. Lawrence has a computer class that is going to help me improve my computer skills, which is very important to me because everything is with computers. I also met a parent teacher named Karen. She's very helpful because she teaches me how to be a better parent for my child. I'm very lucky to have Lawrence Education Center in my life!