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EXPLORE Testing for 8th Graders

April 13, 2011

When we return from our Spring Break the 8th grade students will be taking the EXPLORE test. Monday the 25th and Tuesday the 26th it is crucial for students to be present at school and prepared to take an important assessment.

This test measures a student's readiness for college, as well as providing a list of career suggestions based on student interest. The Interest Inventory, the first part of the test, is always the most fascinating part for students because it measures their interests and allows them to choose from a list of careers that may be of interest to them. Students have been working hard to prepare for this test and historically LMS students have done very well.

We thank you for noting this as an important part of attendance at school. Students have been preparing with practice exams for the EXPLORE test so that they may be ready.

If you have questions about this test, please contact Ms. Wickham.