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Information Regarding Physicals and Health Issues

September 15, 2011

Health Update

Physicals, Immunizations and Dental Exams:
All 6th grade students and all students new to Springfield School District 186 must provide a current physical and updated immunization record to the school office. Physicals and immunization records must be in the office by October 15, 2011. Students not providing required information by this date will be excluded from schools. Proof of a later appointment will not be accepted. Students will be out of school until the completed physical form is received in the office. In addition to this, 6th grade students must provide proof of a recent dental exam. Dental exams are due by May 15, 2012. For assistance or questions, please call me at 525-3236.

Serious Health Issues:
If your child has a serious health issue such as asthma, food allergies or other life-threatening illness, please contact me in order to develop a plan to ensure your child’s safety at school. I will provide emergency plans for you and your child’s doctor to complete. Emergency plan are also available on the Springfield District 186 website under Programs, Health Services, Forms.

Reminder- “ In addition to a parent signature, a doctor’s order is needed for all medications given at school, including over the counter medications. Medication must be in the original packaging, with a pharmacy label attached. Students wishing to self-carry their inhaler must provide a parent self “carry permission form and a copy of the pharmacy label to the school office.

If you have questions or require assistance, please call me at 525-3236.

Valerie Rogers RN
School Nurse