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BETA Reminders...

February 5, 2012
attachmentBETA Arrival Groups

Attached is a list of when students should arrive at the BETA Convention. All students will arrive at the Holiday Inn and check in with one of our sponsors. Group 1 will store their luggage in a secure location until the rooms are available ( after the competitions) and Group 2 will take their luggage to their room upon arrival.

attachment2012 Tentative Agenda and Parent Chaperone List

Attached is the most up to date agenda which includes arrival times, competition schedules and event times. Also we included the list of parent chaperones. Please double check the list to make sure the information is correct. If you see something that needs to be changes please contact Ms. Morrison.

attachmentBeta Competitors

Please look over the 2012 competitor list and make sure the information is correct. If you see something that needs to be changed please let Ms. Morrision know ASAP.

Convention is a week away and the projects, performances and teams are wrapping up their final preperations. Thank you to all of the students and parents who spent time on Thursday, Friday and Saturday working on their BETA projects. Everything is coming together!! We appreciate your hard work and dedication.

Listed to the right of this announcement is the tentative agenda, a list of the 2012 competitors and a list of which students are in arrival Groups 1 and Group 2. Students should arrive at the time listed for each group. Students will be responsible for their own transportation on Monday and LMS will provide transportation to lunch and back to LMS on Tuesday.


If you would still like to volunteer we would love for you to join us on Monday night from 9:00 - 11:00. Please email Ms. Morrison if you are interested in joining us. A complete list of volunteers is included on the tentative agenda.

This week....

This week several groups have asked to stay afterschool to practice. We will coordinate with the group leaders to make sure there is a room available and will make sure to have activity buses available. Please make sure that there is an adult there to supervise.

Arts and Crafts...

All projects that are being submitted for the arts and craft category need to be at LMS and in Ms. Morrison's office by Thursday. Also, make sure that your entry form has been completed. Mrs. Mueth has extras!!!

*If for some reason you need additional time for your project please let Ms. Morrison know and we can coordinate arrangements for getting the project to the Crown Plaza by noon on Monday.