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EXPLORE Tests Coming Soon for 8th graders

March 28, 2012

Tomorrow during Language Arts classes, 8th grade students will be getting information from Mrs. Wickham about the EXPLORE tests they will take after Spring Break.

8th graders will take the EXPLORE tests on April 23rd and 24th. The first day will be an Interest Inventory where students will be asked about their jobs they might want to explore in the future. It will help identify jobs that may be of interest as it matches up to their abilities and skills. The second day will consist of core tests that will show students where they can improve and how to choose high school courses.

EXPLORE consists of four tests:
English, Math, Reading and Science.

Please make sure you child is present and well rested
for these tests.

EXPLORE is the first in a series of tests that lets you know if you are on track for college. The tests show you the subjects that you will need to improve in and which subjects are important for certain careers.

You can learn more about the test by going to the website www.actstudent.org.