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Where In The World Was Mrs. Wickham?

April 13, 2012

Lincoln Magnet School's purpose of developing life-long learners doesn't stop with our students. Mrs. Wickham, our assistant principal of guidance, has just returned from an adventure this week to visit Alaska. She traveled with a group of scientists, plasma physicists, and photographers to learn more about using technology for weather related experiments. Today she visited Mr. Burgar's 7th grade science classes to Skype with 2 scientists who do field work that many of our students study as part of our curriculum. It was a great opportunity for our students to see people in careers in the field of science and technology!

LMS looks forward to new partnerships with global companies that are expanding how technology affects our ever-expanding classrooms. After learning about GoPro camera technology, Mrs. Wickham returned and shared that knowledge with our students. GoPro cameras, created and developed by a surfer, are HD cameras that also capture sound with a microphone that can be mounted to provide a unique perspective. Recently, GoPro cameras were used in George Lucas' move about Tuskeegee airmen "Red Tails" and on her trip, Mrs. Wickham and the team sent cameras up into the Aurora Borealis.

Bringing this new technology to our school will allow students to capture and share video and photography in a new, innovative way. Our students are excited about using them in the classroom for various projects to learn more about physics concepts and experimental research skills and are partnering with Project Aether to make this happen.