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End of the Year-Backups!

May 16, 2012

It is that time of the year! Starting tomorrow all students are encouraged to start to save their data. Students will have access to their laptops during the day until Wednesday, May 23rd. Each grade level will help the students through the "saving" process.

Starting tomorrow, student laptops will need to remain on the carts so that our technology staff can check each computer to insure that each laptop is ready to be re-imaged for the upcoming year. The majority of the check in will take place after school so that each student will have access all day. We will begin with 6th and 7th grade on Thursday (5/17) and 8th grade on Friday (5/18).

After May 23rd, the laptops will be re-imaged so all students are encouraged to save their work to their server folder and their website. Their website is a place to store/showcase their student work that relates to the curriculum. Students may also want to bring a flash drive in or DVD's to save their work. We will have DVD's for sale at lunch.

After May 23rd, students will have access to their laptop at the start of the school year however the computer will not have their previous work or music.

For families that wish to cancel their insurance over the summer months, we have contacted the Insurance Partners and they will issue a refund for the summer months.

For cancellations, parents can email tammy@studentinsurancepartners.com with the following info:
Student’s Name
Policy #
Name and address to send check
The refund is prorated and usually issued within 5-7 business days.

If they have any additional questions, please contact them either by email or 1-800-620-3307

If you have any questions please let the main office know.