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Lincoln Land Scholarship for 8th graders

April 19, 2013

Lincoln Land Community College has provided a wonderful opportunity for our 8th grade students. They are offering a scholarship, which is good for one year (or 30 credit hours) worth of tuition. Students interested in applying for the Lincoln Land scholarship need to respond to ALL FIVE essay questions below. Essay must be typed and turned in no later than April 29, 2013.

Information applications are located on the activity table.

Essay Questions (one well developed paragraph about each question)

1. What careers would you like to pursue for your college experience?

2. What are three positive characteristics you possess that will help you accomplish your goals?

3. How has Lincoln Magnet School helped prepare you for future success?

4. Describe a meaningful experience that you've had that makes you a good candidate for this award.

5. Who in your life has been your biggest influence and why?

***Deadline is 2:30 on April 29, 2013. No exceptions!
***Turn in to Mrs. Wickham or put it in her mailbox.