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2013 Leopards Cross Country Pre-Season Schedule

July 15, 2013

All Pre-Season workouts will be at our home course, Lincoln Park, from 3:30 - 4:30 pm. Participants will meet at the finish line for home cross country meets, which is near the Nelson Center. Find the team in the grass between the parking lot entrance and the softball diamond.

Practices are open. Runners of any age group may attend. Since pre-season workouts are only one hour long—parents, guardians, or chaperones are encouraged to stay for the workout. Please join us walking, running, playing, discussing the season, or whatever the activity.

Cross Country is a fun team. All are welcome.

Monday, 8/5, Discussion: team and personal goals, stretch, and 25 minute run or walk—depending on current fitness and endurance.

Tuesday, 8/6, Discussion: speed, agility, and strength training needed for Cross Country runners, who negotiate rough terrain rather than a circular track. Short aerobic workout, sprints, and agility drills.

Wednesday, 8/7, Distance workout. We will see how far participants can travel over 45 minutes, running or walking—depending on current fitness and endurance.

Monday, 8/12, Distance workout, just like 8/7.

Tuesday, 8/13, Speed, agility, and strength workout, similar to 8/6.

Wednesday, 8/14, Time Trial. We run the course, post the first times of the season.

The first Regular Season Cross Country Meeting/Practice at LMS has not yet been scheduled.