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Internet Safety for Students

March 12, 2014

Lincoln is partnering with the Illinois Office of the Attorney General to offer presentations on internet safety for our students and parents. Christine Feller, an Internet Specialist within the High Tech Crime Bureau, will be presenting to 6th graders on March 17th and 7th/8th grade students on April 8th. This interactive workshop will encourage youth to think about the technology applications they use, as well as the content and audience of their online posts. Students will discuss the short and long term consequences of social media use – positive or negative. Trending technology will be covered, as well as a teen’s responsibilities online. Specific topics woven within the workshop include: self-representation, digital citizenship, sexting, online enticement, cyberbullying and piracy. A parent presentation will also be provided on March 17th from 12:30-1:30 pm, covering topics such as monitoring internet usage, setting limits, and maintaining healthy boundaries. Please RSVP by calling 525-3236 if you plan to attend.