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High School SUMMER SCHOOL Information

May 26, 2016

Lanphier High School has visited your student here at LMS already to share about their summer programs. If you need an application form they are on our activity table.

Southeast High School is expanding the courses that are available for incoming 9th graders to take. This summer they can take Driver's Ed, Consumer ED, PE (these are the same as last year), Health, and Speech. Taking summer school classes will not exempt students from taking PE their freshman and sophomore years. Also, they will have a limited number of spots open for speech. We will slot current HS students into those spots before incoming 9th graders.

*(IMPORTANT) Summer school serves breakfast and lunch each day as well as transportation from JMS. Summer school is at Springfield High School.

**Lanphier will also have a summer school that will service mainly incoming 9th graders who will be going to LHS.