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LMS Students Advance to Regional History Fair

February 4, 2017

Congratulations to the following LMS students who are advancing to the regional history fair competition on March 18th, 2017 at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. More details about that day will be provided later.

S. Pasman
A. Stuckey
C. Hansen
E. Tyler
L. Slocum
R. Patel
S. McMillan
O. Hamer
J. Dawdy
S. Graves

Display Boards
J. Dawdy
S. Hardy and A. Coons
E. Browning
I. Swinford, L. Lehman-Dodd, and L. Slocum
D. Heard
F. Kulavic
R. Williams and S. Williams
C. Canham
S. Mazeika, C. Atkins, B. Reed and D. McClure
K. Parker, R. Patterson, H. Motley, and D. Macklin

C. Brillhart, A. Stuckey, and L. Freeman
R. Pena and B. Becker
J. Crum, K. Rogers and M. Knauer
R. Patel, H. Wiggins, I. Kaisner, and E. Tyler
S. Graves, L. Kuhn and J. Pettis
E. Heady and O. Hamer
C. Hansen, Q. Hirstein, and S. McMillan
A. Robinson and B. Settles
T. Florence, D. Hubbard, C. Onyewuchi, T. Caldwell, and I. Thompson
T. Schuerman

B. Hodges, B. Hemingway, and J. Tyler
A. Beranek and G. Warren