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United Way Week! Raising Money for a Good Cause!

October 31, 2017

Let's raise money for a good cause and make a difference in our community! The following activites will be taking place all week starting Oct. 30th through Nov. 3rd. We thank you in advance for participating and giving back to the community!

*We would also like to remind students that rafflet tickets for Lunch with a Teacher" can be bought this week and next week at lunch time @ 2/$1.00*

1. Crazy Hat Day- Students and staff are able to wear hats all day for just $1.00

2. Mix it Up Day- Mix it Up day is an international campaign that encourages students to identify, and cross social boundaries. We are asking students to MIX THINGS UP in their wardrobe, hair, shoes, etc... We will also be sitting at different lunch table not with our friends, in order to go along with today's national theme and get to know other peers in our grade level. This day is FREE :)

3. Pajama Day- Students and staff are able to wear Pajamas all day for just $1.00! (appropriate according to basic dress code standards) Please no house shoes or slippers of anytime.

4. iTune in for a Good Cause- Students and staff are able to use their cell phones, iPods, iPads, MP3 players, etc... the last part of the day on Thursday, Nov. 2nd for just $1.00. Any type of electronic, or if you don't have a cell phone but still want to come hang out for a $1.00 you may do so as well! The "assembly" of cell phones will take place towards the end of the day.

5. Lunch with a Teacher- CORRECTED DATE: Nov. 9th... The winners from the Lunch with a Teacher raffle will have the opportunity to each lunch with their favorite teacher or staff member. The way this works is students must buy raffle tickets @ 2/$1.00 in advance for their chance to win! Remember it's a raffle, not a guaranteed lunch date :) Good Luck!!