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7th/8th Girls Basketball J'ville Tournament

October 15, 2019

Parents of 7th and 8th grade girls basketball players— Below you will find the Jacksonville Tournament Schedule. Please let myself or coach know if you have any questions!

Jacksonville Middle School Tournament Schedule

Date:                    Game:                                                                       Time:

10/26/19              7th Grade JMS vs. Lincoln                                           9:00am

10/26/19              8th Grade JMS vs. Lincoln                                          10:15am

10/26/19              7th Grade Winchester vs. Lincoln Magnet                11:30am

10/26/19               8th Grade Winchester vs. Lincoln Magnet               12:45pm

10/26/19               7th Grade 3rd/4th Place Game                                  2:00pm

10/26/19               8th Grade 3rd/4th Place Game                                  3:15pm

10/26/19               7th Grade 1st/2nd Place Game                                  4:30pm

10/26/19               8th Grade 1st/2nd Place Game                                  5:45pm