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2021 National Beta Convention Awards

July 8, 2021
Independent Convention: Sponsored By Individual Families
2021 Awards

Congratulations LMS BETA Club! You're Amazing!!! We are so very proud of all of the students that competed virtually and those that traveled with their families to the National Convention.

Sponsors, families, friends and community members.  We couldn't do any of this without you! Our hope is to travel and to complete as a school once it is safe for everyone next March in Springfield and in Nashville next June!

Thank you to the National Beta Club for offering both Virtual and Hybrid Competitions so that everyone had the chance to partcipate.

Thank you LMS for inspiring these creative kiddos! It was an unbelieveable year!

Check out the Excitement on Vimeo and watch LMS shine!:  https://vimeo.com/betaclub

National Champion: 1st Place

2-Dimensional Design: Ava E, Areabell M.,Chelsea D, Elizabeth M. Meara S, and Mykal A

Marketing and Communication: Aubri K., Georgia J. , Markesha W. and Caiden B.

Portfolio: Chelsea D. and Kim N.

Technology: Alex H, Alex H, Carter B and Levi F.

Service Learning Showcase: Akeelah K, Sydney J, Shiloh W, Rayna K.

Quiz Bowl: Alex H, Josh S, Nate P, Katie T

Visual Arts: Sculpture: Shiloh W.

* Best In Show: Visual Arts* - Shiloh W.


Runner Up: 2nd Place

Lead Outside the Box: Alex H, Alex H and Carter B


Third Place: 

Create and Animate: Chelsea D. and Kim N.

Living Literature: Addy S., Alexia M. Alex H., Aubri K., Caiden B/, Carter M.,Chelsea D, Georgia J. Jaydn M-H., Julie S., Kate H., Kim N., Miriam C. Levi F., Maliyah W. Sydney J, Rayna K

Songfest:  Addy S., Akleelah K. Alexia M. Alex H, Alex H, Aubri K., Caiden B, Carter B.,Carter M.,Chelsea D, Georgia J. Jackie T, Jaydn M-H., Julie S., Kate H., Kim N., Levi F., Markesha W. Maliyah W. Sydney J, Rayna K


Fourth Place:

Sixth Grade Social Studies: Miles K.

Eighth Grade Social Studies: Nate P


Sixth Place:

Reimagine, Recreate, Recycle: Addy S., Jaydn M-H, Julie S. Kate H, Meliah W.

Quiz Bowl Written: Alex H, Josh S, Nate P, Katie T


Seventh Place:

3-Dimensional Design: Alex H, Alex H, Carter B, Levi F

Meeting of the Minds: Akeelah K., Alex H, Sydney K and Ryana K


Eighth Place:

Robotics: Alexia M. Celia P., Christopher T., Jackie T,  Josh S. Katie T. Nate P.  Rayna K

Invention Convention: Christopher T., Josh S.