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2010 BETA Convention

January 28, 2010

2010 BETA Convention Schedule


BETA Expectations

BETA Convention is here! We just wanted to share a few reminders with students and parents before the BETA Convention. All students spending the night at the Holiday Inn will need to bring their luggage to LMS Monday morning. The students can bring it to Mr. Crum's office. The students competing will be leaving after lunch. The rest of the students will be leaving after school. All students will return to LMS after lunch on Tuesday.

Students participating in the Arts competition need to make sure their project is at LMS by Friday morning and is labeled with the BETA Competition Label (Mrs. Day has extra forms).
Please take the time to go over the BETA Convention expectations listed below with your child. These rules will be enforced. If you have a new emergency phone number please make sure that you contact the main office and we will correct it so that she can have the most up to date information. Also, we are asking the students to dress nicely. They will be representing themselves and Lincoln Magnet throughout the convention.
The sponsors have the students emergency contact phone numbers as well as health information. If there is any other information that you would prefer the sponsors have please send it to LMS Monday morning. Mrs. Day and Mr. Crum will be available to answer any questions and/or to collect additional information Monday morning.

We are still looking for parents to help chaperone at the Beta Convention. If you are interested please contact Mrs. Day. The time slots are listed below as well as the activities that will be taking place at that time. The more supervision the better so if you can stay all day that would be great. Any additional support would be appreciated!

Feb. 1st
4:30 PM – Arrival of BETA Students not competing and dinner

5:00 PM - 8:00PM - Dinner and Keynote Speaker

8:30 PM - 10:30 PM - BETA Dance/ Swimming


*There will be an LMS Staff Member(s) or Chaperone(s) on the ground level of the Crowne Plaza at all times. If you have any questions or concerns, please come see us.

*Make sure you wear your Beta Convention name tag AT ALL TIMES!

*ALWAYS have a buddy at the Crowne...do not walk around alone. You are only allowed to go into same sex LMS hotel rooms. Girls cannot go into boy’s rooms and boys cannot go into girl’s rooms and you cannot go into the rooms of other schools. You may socialize with the opposite sex on the first and second floor lobbies, or the pool area only.

*Remember...You are representing LMS, and should act accordingly. There should be no running in the hotel or any other disruptive behavior that reflects negatively on LMS.

*Make sure you keep track of your room key and do not give it to anybody who is not in your room.

*The first session is over at 8:15 and the dance starts at 8:30. If you want to go back to your room to change for the dance or the pool...that’s fine. However, if you go back to the Crowne, you are to stay there until you plan on going back to your room for good. YOU CANNOT KEEP RUNNING BACK AND FORTH! Once you go to the Holiday Inn for good, please check in with the chaperones downstairs to let us know you are going to your room.

*Curfew is at 11:00 pm. Everybody must be in their own rooms at this time. You do not have to have lights out...but you do have to be quiet so you do not disturb the rooms around you. DO NOT USE THE TELEPHONES FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN ROOM TO ROOM CALLS-OR YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THAT PHONE CALL. All phone call should stop by midnight.