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G.O.T Community Service Spirit Week

November 22, 2009

Girls on Track Team

The LMS Girls on Track (G.O.T.) Team, encourages girls to develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles through running. The G.O.T team is sponsoring a SPIRIT WEEK at LMS. Team members have been on the morning announcements talking about this fun opportunity.

The G.O.T team is sponsoring the spirit week to raise funds for their community service project. They had the opportunity to select, plan and implement a community project and they selected one at LMS!

The girls worked hard to enhance our east stairwell landing. We now have comfortable tables, amazing décor and fabulous bulletin boards.

Please join the G.O.T. team as we kick off spirit week.

Monday: Donate your quarters and have fun on “Decades Day”
8th Grade – 80's
7th Grade – 70's
6th Grade – 60's

Tuesday: “Crazy Hair Day” Donate fifty cents and wear a hat or do something crazy with your hair.

Wednesday: “Twin Day” Donate your dollars.

* The girls are working hard to raise money for their community project. Please support them by participating in this fun week.