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Laptop Roll Out

September 4, 2009

All 329 students at Lincoln Magnet School participated in the laptop roll out. The laptops play a major role in the student’s learning process because the core curriculum is heavily integrated with technology.

Dozens of excited 7th and 8th graders lined up to collect their Apple Macbooks yesterday and the 6th graders joined in today. Students received intense training on how to operate and protect their systems. They also were introduced to all the computer applications and learned how the programs connect with their classroom instruction.

Lincoln Magnet School was recently honored with the Apple Distinguished School Award for their outstanding integration of technology with school curriculum. Lincoln is only one of 33 schools across the country to be honored with such a prestigious award.

Lincoln Magnet School views technology as a source of empowerment, especially for technologically savvy students. Research and presentation opportunities and in-depth, challenging content are made more readily available through technology. Students are stimulated by worthy assignments that engage them mentally and emotionally. Enthusiasm for learning is fostered by tasks involving analyzing, evaluating, synthesizing, and then presenting information. Lincoln Magnet School incorporates these elements in all classes.