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Harlem Renaissance @ Lincoln Magnet School

April 17, 2009

The 8th graders at Lincoln Magnet School are getting ready for their culminating project, Harlem Renaissance. They will sing, dance, read poetry, and perform their original radio commercials at the Hoogland Center on Tuesday, May 5th from 7:00-8:00. Our Artist in Residence, Mrs. Grace Nanavati from the Dance Arts Studio, has been working with the students for several weeks. We will have a special practice at her studio (2890 South MacArthur) on Sunday, April 19th. Here is the schedule:
3:00-4:00 2nd hour A Day and B Day students
4:00-5:00 5th Hour A Day and B Day students
5:00 Ladies Rehearsal
This is a very important practice and costume fitting. Hopefully, all of our students will be in attendance!