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Take Your Child to Work-April 23

April 14, 2009

National Take Your Child to Work Day is Thursday, April 23,  2009. For Lincoln Magnet School, April 23rd is one of the last days that Grace Nanavati will be working with the 8th graders before Harlem Renaissance, so if your child has PE that day, he or she needs to be at school. Also, the current Health students will be on a field trip to Lincoln Land Community College that morning.

Here are some of the guidelines that the district has established for that day:

If the child goes with someone other than a parent or guardian, it will be a UNEXCUSED because it is "Take YOUR Child to work Day".

If a student has been absent 10 or more days and must bring a doctor's note if absent, their absence WILL NOT be excused on Take Your Child to Work Day.

If a student is absent any other day of that week and the parent gives "Take Your Child to Work" as the reason for being absent, it will be an UNEXCUSED absence.

Please call the office at 525-3236 if you have any questions.